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Have us help you book your accommodation in Voss!

If you require assistance booking your accommodation before your arrival in Voss we would be happy to assist you doing so.

Since everybody has different arrival days, taste, budget etc., we require you to send us an e-mail where you clearly let us know the following:

  • The date of your arrival
  • The date you will be checking out
  • What kind of accommodation are you interested in? I.e. Hostel, Camping Hut, Hotel?
  • What is your Budget? Maximum limit per night?
  • Are you planning to share a room with somebody else? If yes, who?
  • How can we reach you in daytime ( European time ) to get your confirmation?
  • Anything else you think we should know

As soon as we have received your e-mail we will be checking what is available in Voss for the time period you need accommodation for. We will then make a temporary reservation for you and e-mail you back with some basic details. At this stage you will need to e-mail us back and confirm the booking. In other words, we do the work for you and save you long distance phone calls to various hotels etc.

Send us an inquiry now for accommodation!




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