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Vertigo Voss 2007 - Updated News
Last Update: 08.03.2007


  • ( 31.05.06 ) Pilot selection is finalized and published.
  • (23.05.06 ) The registration for the Paragliding catagories during Vertigo Voss has closed and we are now selecting the pilots based on rules and pilots skills. The registration for the Hanggliding Competition is still open!
  • ( 16.04.06 ) The weekend before Vertigo Voss 2006 ( 24-25th of June ) there is another Aerobatic Competition rocking the little township of Voss - a norwegian cup in aerobatics called NC Voss. The Competition is also open for foreigners and could be the perfect warm up for Vertigo Voss! You will find more information about the NC Cup on the following link:
  • ( 16.04.06 ) 30 registred pilots so far - all pilots will be informed by e-mail latest by 25th of May if they are included in the pilot selection for the competition.
  • ( 16.04.06 ) Only 5 weeks to go before registration closes - if you want to compete in this years competition we recommend that you registrate as soon as possible!
  • ( 14.04.06 ) The FAI / CIVL ranking list for 2005 is updated and published - we will shortly update pilot rankings thruout your registrations accordingly.
  • ( 03.04.06 ) Event T-shirts are being designed and will enter production shortly.
  • ( 23.02.06 ) The judges panel for the Paragliding Competition categories solo and synchro is finalized: Francois Bon, Violaine Dufourmantelle and Pernilla Hammar Rognoye will be the 3 judges - hanggliding judges still to be finalized.
  • ( 18.02.06 ) Latest news from the FAI is that the official ranking from the WAPRS will be available within 10 days time. We will update your rankings on our database as soon as they are published by the FAI.
  • ( 12.06.02 ) The FAI / CIVL awards Voss the organization of the 2nd FAI World Championships in Aerobatics in 2008 ( 12.02.06 ) on the CIVL Plenary meeting in Lausanne, Switzerland. Voss further establish itself as a hotspot in the international competition scene. We look forward to welcoming all of you back in 2008!
  • ( 11.06.02 )The FAI / CIVL approves the new amended rules for PG Aerobatics - you will find them avaialble for download on our rules section.
  • Bernd Hornboeck (+ Alex ) becomes the first team to registrer for the Synchro Category.
  • ( 06.02.06 ) DVD's has now been mailed out to those amongst the first 15 to registrer
  • ( 31.01.06 ) Andrea Iemma from Italy becomes the first Pilot who registrer for the Hanggliding Competition - and the last one who will receive a free DVD in the post as we now have 15 registred Pilots.
  • ( 29.01.06 ) Francois Bon will be the Chief Senior Judge for the Paragliding Competition during Vertigo Voss 2006. We will publish the complete list of judges as soon as possible.
  • ( 26.01.06 )The registration for Vertigo Voss 2006 opened 19.01.06 and there was 14 pilots registrated already during the first week.
  • (29.06.2006 ) Vertigo Voss 2006 is completed - again a great success with world class flying and we wish to thank all competitors, volunteers and crew for putting on a great show!
  • --------------------------------------- 2007 NEWS -------------------------------------
  • ( 08.03.2007 ) We are getting ready for the 2007 competition which is also the Pre-Worlds for the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS held here in 2008.
  • ( 08.03.2007 ) Registration will open on May 1st for ONLINE REGISTRATION ONLY.
  • ( 13.03.2007 ) Registration is now open.


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Complete Event Details:

Vertigo Voss - Pob 578 - 5703 Voss - Norway





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